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At Tshebedisano plumbers and maintenance we offer services throughout the city of Johannesburg, our reliable team of experts in plumbing are experts at repairing all types of plumbing for residentials, industrial and estates. We work on all types of repairs, installations and maintenance.
We ensure that we provide the following services serving nothing but excellence. We have the best working plumbing products which are reliable for all our projects and plumbers are well experienced to offer good end results, the purpose of the business is to provide excellent service with quality products.
Nothing beats quality. We are on a high level ensuring that our clients receive the best quality, not average. We come to your rescue and offer the following services with no hussles and complaints.


Blocked drains

You may not be aware of the things going down your drain that may cause it to block. A kitchen drain can be blocked by certain foods and grease. A bathroom drain may be blocked due to products that are not supposed to go down the drain, such as nappies, face, wipes and cotton.


Pipe installations

We ensure we have the right engineers to install pipes to the best quality. We deliver services on leaking pines, sewer lines, sink pipes installation.


Geyser installations

We install and repair geysers. We ensure that it is quality work and it works as required. We make sure that the geysers we install do not have any leakages

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Toilet installations

We ensure that when installing toilets, they are solid and will last for the longest time without any leakages. We use quality pipes for the toilet drain system.

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Household plumbing

Whether it is a new house or you want us to re-do the whole plumbing service all over again, we are here for you. We serve quality services to ensure our clients are satisfied.

We fix

  • Kitchen sinks
  • Water pipes, kitchen drains,
  • Bathroom tubs
  • Blocked drains