General Plumbing and Maintenance Services

We are a leading plumbing company when it comes to effective maintenance services, we assist clients with heating systems solutions such as repairs, maintenance and replacements. At Tshebedisano plumbing we offer a wide range of maintenance services from home, industrial to residential complex with extensive experience in the industry you can be assured that your maintenance and plumbing needs will be dealt with timeously.

With the Maintenance service we keep quality on the services rendered, it prevents breakdowns and lowers the re-do costs. Also, costly problems are prevented this way we help our clients save money. Tshebedisano Plumbing and Maintenance services comes with the whole package you will need for your plumbing services.

Prevent any major damages

Maintenance helps prevent any major damages. We look into minor problems like running toilet water and pipe leakages that will waste water and increase your water bill. These are the types of maintenance services we offer as Tshebedisano Plumbing and Maintenance.

Routine maintenance

We do maintenance on schedules made in advance such as weekly, monthly or quarterly. This will help keep any damages that might occur due to a lack of maintenance. Our team is always available for scheduled dates aligning with our working hours.

Scheduled maintenance

Our clients are more than welcomed to schedule on maintenance they want done on specific intervals. We also schedule maintenance days if we see the need. This will be to look at the functions of equipment installed. We will see and prevent early problems such as leakages and burst pipes. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure

maintenance services
maintenance services

Corrective maintenance

We offer a maintenance task to identify and rectify faults so that the failed equipment can be fixed. However, when we do our work, we make sure that we do it properly and there are no mistakes. We know that corrective maintenance reduces a lot of costs when done properly and in time.

We do maintenance on burst pipes, blocked sewages, leaking pipes and geysers. Quality maintenance will include inspections for your water pipes, sinks, bathroom tubs, geysers, and toilets. Our skilled plumbers will check anything that needs to be checked to make sure we maintain our quality service.

We offer maintenance service on the following:

  • Burst pipes
  • Blocked sewages
  • Leaking pipes
  • Leaking geysers